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CUDACasts Episode #6: CUDA on ARM with CUDA 5.5

In CUDACast #5, we saw how to use the new NVIDIA RPM and Debian packages to install the CUDA toolkit, samples, and driver on a supported Linux OS with a standard package manager. With CUDA 5.5, it is now possible to compile and run CUDA applications on Arm-based systems such as the Kayla development platform. In addition to native compilation on an Arm-based CPU system, it is also possible to cross-compile for Arm systems, allowing for greater development flexibility.

NVIDIA’s next-generation Logan system on a chip will contain a Kepler GPU supporting CUDA along with a multicore Arm CPU. The combination of Arm support in CUDA 5.5 and the Kayla platform gives developers a powerful toolset to prepare for the next step in the mobile visual computing revolution.

What amazing applications will you be able to create with a small and power-efficient CPU combined with a massively parallel Kepler GPU—the same GPU architecture powering some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world?

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