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CUDACasts Episode #5: Install CUDA 5.5 with a Linux Package Manager

Today, CUDA 5.5 has been officially released! To continue with our CUDACasts mini-series on new CUDA 5.5 features, we will be exploring a new method for installing the CUDA platform on a supported Linux OS. In previous versions of CUDA, you would have used the run-file installer, a utility that handled installing the CUDA Toolkit, samples, and NVIDIA driver. While the run-file installer is still supported, it is now possible to install CUDA and the NVIDIA driver using either the RPM or Debian package managers. This new method also allows you to easily install individual components, as well as quickly update your system to the latest CUDA and NVIDIA driver releases.

This CUDACasts video shows you how to use apt-get on Ubuntu Linux to install CUDA from a .deb file. There are also a number of useful tips in the video (such as how to verify your NVIDIA driver installation).┬áNote that in the video I log in to my registered developer account before downloading CUDA 5.5, but CUDA 5.5 is now officially released to the public, so you don’t need to register to download it!

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