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Tips for Creating a Meaningful and Successful Virtual Hackathon

Combining mentoring, socializing, and specialized training proved key for the virtual 2021 KISTI GPU Hackathon. 4 MIN READ

New on NGC: Latest Versions of NeMo, HPC SDK, DOCA, PyTorch Lightning, and MoreĀ 

Learn about the latest additions and software updates to the NVIDIA NGC catalog, a hub of GPU-optimized software that simplifies and accelerates workflows. 3 MIN READ

Accelerating IO in the Modern Data Center: Magnum IO Storage

The fourth post in the Accelerating IO series addresses storage issues and covers the new GPUDirect Storage release, benefits, and implementation. 9 MIN READ

Predicting Metastatic Cancer Risk with AI

Using movies of living cancer cells, scientists create a convolutional neural network that can identify and predict aggressive metastatic melanomas. 3 MIN READ

Leveling up CUDA Performance on WSL2 with New Enhancements

This technical blog post In this post focuses on the current state of the CUDA performance on WSL2, the various performance-centric optimizations that have been… 16 MIN READ

AI Detects Gravitational Waves Faster than Real Time

Created by a group of scientists, the new research highlights how AI and supercomputing can accelerate reproducible, data-driven discoveries. 3 MIN READ