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Autonomous Machines

Simplifying AI Model Deployment at the Edge with NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

Learn how to simplify AI model deployment at the edge with NVIDIA Triton Inference Server on NVIDIA Jetson. Triton Inference Server is available on Jetson… 6 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Top 3 Pillars of AI Enabled Edge Computing in Retail

Learn how AI is transforming the retail industry through enabling intelligent stores, omnichannel management, and automated supply chains. 6 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Register for the NVIDIA Metropolis Developer Webinars on Sept. 22

Sign up for webinars with NVIDIA experts and Metropolis partners on Sept. 22, featuring developer SDKs, GPUs, go-to-market opportunities, and more. 2 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Step into Omniverse - The Inaugural NVIDIA Omniverse User Group

Watch the event recording to learn more about Omniverse from some of the Omniverse teams and users, and start imagining what it can do for you and your ideas. 2 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Accelerating AI Development Pipelines for Industrial Inspection with the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

This post explores how NVIDIA TAO Toolkit can quickly and accurately train AI models, showing how AI and transfer learning can transform how image and video… 7 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Edge Computing in Ethiopia - A Quest for an AI Solution

This is a guest submitted post by Natnael Kebede, Co-founder and Chief NERD at New Era Research and Development Center It was one year ago in a random… 5 MIN READ