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Autonomous Machines

Japan's University of Aizu Uses NVIDIA Jetson to Nurture AI and Robotics Talent

University of Aizu, a premier computer science and engineering institution in Japan, conducted a two-week intensive learning program based on the NVIDIA Jetson… 4 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Accelerating Model Development and AI Training with Synthetic Data, SKY ENGINE AI platform, and NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit

In AI and computer vision, data acquisition is costly and time-consuming and human-based labeling can be error-prone. The accuracy of the models is also… 8 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

NVIDIA Research: Fast Uncertainty Quantification for Deep Object Pose Estimation

Researchers from NVIDIA, University of Texas at Austin and Caltech developed a simple, efficient, and plug-and-play uncertainty quantification method for the 6… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

AI Nails It: Viral Manicure Robot Powered by GPU-Accelerated Computer Vision

San Francisco startup Clockwork recently launched a pop-up location offering the first robot nail painting service in the form of 10-minute “minicures.”… < 1
Autonomous Machines

Develop Robotics Applications - Top Resources from GTC 21

NVIDIA Isaac is a developer toolbox for accelerating the development and deployment of AI-powered robots. The SDK includes Isaac applications, GEMs (robot… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Getting Started on Jetson – Top Resources from GTC 21

Hands-on learning is key for anyone new to AI and robotics. Priced for everyone, the Jetson Nano Developer Kit is the best way to get started learning how to… < 1