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Accelerating Inference Up to 6x Faster in PyTorch with Torch-TensorRT

Torch-TensorRT is a PyTorch integration for TensorRT inference optimizations on NVIDIA GPUs. With just one line of code, it speeds up performance up to 6x. 8 MIN READ
NVIDIA Jetson Nano-powered training drone. Courtesy of Hacksmith Industries
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The Force is Strong with NVIDIA Jetson

This post features winners from the NVIDIA sponsored contest with Make: where makers submit their best robotics projects with a galactic theme. 6 MIN READ
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Jetson Project of the Month: Spaghetti Detective Is on the Case

Meet The Spaghetti Detective, an AI-based failure-detection tool for 3D printer remote management and monitoring. 3 MIN READ
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GTC Wrapup: NVIDIA CEO Outlines Vision for Accelerated Computing, Data Center Architecture, AI, Robotics, Omniverse Avatars and Digital Twins in Keynote

Jensen Huang announces new technologies with the potential to transform multitrillion-dollar industries. < 1
An image of a forklift in Isaac Sim
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NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator Generates Synthetic Training Data for Robots

Omniverse Replicator introduces new capabilities to build production-quality synthetic datasets and train robust deep learning perception models. 7 MIN READ
Image of NVIDIA computer chip and Jetson Orin.
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NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Charts New Path for Edge AI and Robotics

Learn about the newly announced NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, the smallest, most powerful, and energy-efficient AI supercomputer. 3 MIN READ