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AI / Deep Learning

Run State of the Art NLP Workloads at Scale with RAPIDS, HuggingFace, and Dask

Modern natural language processing (NLP) mixes modeling, feature engineering, and general text processing. Deep learning NLP models can provide fantastic… 6 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA Releases Updates to CUDA-X AI Software

NVIDIA CUDA-X AI is a deep learning software stack for researchers and software developers to build high performance GPU-accelerated applications for… 6 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

BMW Brings Together Art, Artificial Intelligence for Virtual Installation Using NVIDIA StyleGAN

BMW unveiled a virtual art installation that projects AI-generated artwork onto a virtual rendition of the automaker’s 8 Series Gran Coupe. 3 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

GAN for All Seasons: AI-Generated Art Accompanies Pandemic Poetry in The Washington Post

A recent National Poetry Month feature in The Washington Post presented AI-generated artwork alongside five original poems reflecting on seasons of the past… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

MLOps Made Simple & Cost Effective with Google Kubernetes Engine and NVIDIA A100 Multi-Instance GPUs

Google Cloud and NVIDIA collaborated to make MLOps simple, powerful, and cost-effective by bringing together the solution elements to build… 5 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Building World-Class AI Models with NVIDIA NeMo and DefinedCrowd

This tutorial demonstrates how to load speech data collected by DefinedCrowd and how to use it to train and measure the performance of an ASR model. 11 MIN READ