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Ansel Coffee Break: What is NVIDIA Ansel? (5:20 minutes)

Learn how CD Projekt Red integrated 150 lines of code, and wound up with more than 2 million Ansel photos of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt published! In this video, we explain the value of Ansel, and describes the product’s benefits to players.

Five Things to Remember:

  • Ansel was created because it became clear that the gaming community was very interested in making art using video games as their source material.
  • The free camera lets users pause, then move the camera to wherever they want, getting the optimal angle before taking a snapshot.
  • There are a range of cool filters to use, from vignetting and contrast to brightness and depth of field.
  • Super resolution lets players save a print-quality screenshot from the game. The result is high enough DPI to print on a poster and still look great.
  • The images taken via 360 degree screenshot capture can be enjoyed in a VR head mounted display.

You can find six additional coffee-break length videos about NVIDIA Ansel and Highlights on the NVIDIA developer blog.

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