NVIDIA JetPack 3.2 Production Release Now Available

Features, Robotics, Autonomous, CUDA, cuDNN, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, TensorRT

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 09 2018

JetPack 3.2 with L4T R28.2 is the latest production software release for NVIDIA Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i and Jetson TX1.

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Swinburne Launches New GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer

Accelerated Computing, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Cluster/Supercomputing, Higher Education/Academia, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 07 2018

Swinburne University of Technology officially launched one of the most powerful supercomputers in Australia to help unlock the secrets of the Universe.

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On Demand Webinar: Deep Learning Demystified

Artificial Intelligence, Features, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Retail/Etail, webinar

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 06 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is solving problems that seemed well beyond our reach just a few years back.

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AI Identifies Legal Risks in NDAs

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, cuDNN, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 02 2018

LawGeex, an Israel-based startup focused on automating contract reviews, released a study showing its deep learning software outperforms lawyers at identifying legal risks in nondisclosure agreement contracts.

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NVIDIA’s 2017 Open-Source Deep Learning Frameworks Contributions

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, CUDA, cuDNN, Development Tools & Libraries, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, TensorRT, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 01 2018

Many may not know, NVIDIA is a significant contributor to the open-source deep learning community. How significant? Let’s reflect and explore the highlights and volume of activity from last year.

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