Ray Tracing Magic From a One-Person Team

Abstraction, the winner of the DXR Spotlight Contest 2020, takes its audience on a tour of a world that tricks the eye and startles the senses. We sat down with the creator of Abstraction, Jonah Walters, to learn how he built it all by himself.

Ray Tracing in Unreal Engine 4: Top 10 Developer Questions

We recently hosted Ray Tracing in Unreal Engine 4, a webinar now available on-demand that guides developers on best practices for producing real-time ray-traced reflections, global illumination, shadows, and more. We hosted a Q&A session, and received an overflow of excellent questions from the audience. This posts includes the top 10.

Best Practices: Using NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing

This post gathers best practices based on our experiences so far on using NVIDIA RTX ray tracing in games. I’ve organized the tips into short, actionable items that give practical tips for developers working on ray tracing today. They aim to give a broad picture of what kind of solutions lead to good performance in … Continued