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Up close graphic of two DNA strands.
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Clara Parabricks 3.7 Brings Optimized and Accelerated Workflows for Gene Panels

The GPU-accelerated Clara Parabricks v3.7 release brings support for gene panels, RNA-Seq, short tandem repeats, and updates to GATK 4.2 and DeepVariant 1.1. 7 MIN READ
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Creating Robust and Generalizable AI Models with NVIDIA FLARE

NVIDIA FLARE v2.0 is an open-source federated learning SDK that makes it easier to develop more generalizable robust AI models by sharing model weights. 6 MIN READ
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Removing Aliasing Artifacts in Ultrasound Color Doppler Imaging with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan and the NVIDIA Clara Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara devkit, NVIDIA Clara Holoscan, and us4us front end help build AI models on streaming data for ultrasounds, to remove artifacts like aliasing. 9 MIN READ
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Validating AI Models Collaboratively with NVIDIA Clara Imaging and

NVIDIA Clara medical AI models can now run natively on in the cloud, enabling collaborative model validation and rapid annotation projects. 10 MIN READ
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The Need for Speed: Edge AI with NVIDIA GPUs and SmartNICs, Part 1

NVIDIA GPU and Network Operators can be integrated into new edge AI platforms built on Kubernetes. 17 MIN READ
Closeup of a surgeon at work.
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Supporting Low-Latency Streaming Video for AI-Powered Medical Devices with Clara Holoscan

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan and Clara AGX Developer Kit accelerates development of AI for endoscopy, laparoscopy, and other surgical procedures. 5 MIN READ