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Accelerating Python Applications with cuNumeric and Legate

cuNumeric is a library that aims to provide a distributed and accelerated drop-in replacement for the NumPy API that supports all NumPy features, such as... 13 MIN READ
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Enhancing Architectural 3D Modeling Collaboration with Universal Scene Description

3D modeling workflows have a high degree of complexity driven by a wide variety of specialized tools. With the rise of digital twins, these 3D workflows are... 7 MIN READ
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Evaluating Applications Using the NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit is an integrated hardware and software platform for creating, evaluating, and benchmarking HPC, AI, and scientific computing... 8 MIN READ
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Scaling VASP with NVIDIA Magnum IO

You could make an argument that the history of civilization and technological advancement is the history of the search and discovery of materials. Ages are... 22 MIN READ
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Reducing Power Plant Greenhouse Gasses Using AI and Digital Twins

A variety of techniques are currently being developed that capitalize on the efficiency of AI to fight against climate change and achieve net-zero carbon... 13 MIN READ
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Enhanced Image Analysis with Multidimensional Image Processing

Image data can generally be described through two dimensions (rows and columns), with a possible additional dimension for the colors red, green, blue (RGB).... 5 MIN READ