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by Stephen Jones, posted Jun 25 2012

In the mobile game development world, developer studios are discovering that the Tegra chipset offers a huge array of visual features that cannot be found on other mobile platforms.  When developers create games designed to take advantage of Tegra features, they want to use every tool at their disposal to tune the performance of their game. PerfHUD ES is one type of tool that lets developers get the most out of their Tegra-based hardware.

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by Stephen Jones, posted May 15 2012

We've just completed a succesful day training developers to debug and profile CUDA using NVIDIA Nsight for Visual Studio. If you missed the training today, join us Wednesday at GTC to learn about the powerful CUDA debugging features of Nsight that enable developers to quickly spot bugs or the comprehensive set of performance analysis tools provided by Nsight that allow developers to identify system level optimization opportunities as well as expensive and inefficient CUDA kernels.

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by Rafael Campana, posted May 14 2012

The NVIDIA Developer Tools team is proud to announce the release of NVIDIA ® Nsight™ Development Platform, Visual Studio Edition 2.2, an application development platform for heterogeneous systems (formerly known as NVIDIA Parallel Nsight™). This new release brings support for single GPU Debugging for CUDA developers on systems equipped with any GPU that supports hardware GPU debugging. For graphics developers, Nsight now supports DirectX 9 in the Frame Debugger, Frame Profiler,...

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by Lars Bishop, posted May 08 2012

The new Tegra Android Native Samples Pack includes code samples and support libraries that are designed to help developers with the most common Android Native 3D game coding issues.   Lars M. Bishop, Senior Engineer, NVIDIA Tegra Developer Technologies  

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by David Weller, posted Mar 23 2012

We encourage you to visit our GeForce GTX 680 page on, but we wanted to take the time to highlight why this new GPU should be the heart and soul of your game development platform. Let's look at some raw data first, comparing to the GTX 580 (short version: We've tripled the number of cores, dramatically increased fill rates, AND decreased power consumption):

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