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by Lars Bishop, posted May 08 2012

The new Tegra Android Native Samples Pack includes code samples and support libraries that are designed to help developers with the most common Android Native 3D game coding issues.   Lars M. Bishop, Senior Engineer, NVIDIA Tegra Developer Technologies  

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by David Weller, posted Mar 23 2012

We encourage you to visit our GeForce GTX 680 page on, but we wanted to take the time to highlight why this new GPU should be the heart and soul of your game development platform. Let's look at some raw data first, comparing to the GTX 580 (short version: We've tripled the number of cores, dramatically increased fill rates, AND decreased power consumption):

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by Eric Foo, posted Jan 26 2012

We are proud to announce the final release of NVIDIA Parallel Nsight™ 2.1. This release adds a number of new features to enhance debugging and profiling capabilities, including support for the new CUDA Toolkit 4.1 available here.

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by Stephen Jones, posted Dec 19 2011

Santa came early to NVIDIA bringing a whole host of updates for Tegra Android Developers. First and foremost, PerfHUD ES for Android has been updated with a number of new features for all the "good" game and graphics developers on Santa's list. New features include:

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by Andrew Edelsten, posted Oct 28 2011

We are constantly asked by developers, "what's next and where is it?" While Tegra 2 devices continue to release, we are eagerly preparing for what's fast coming down the pipe. At the recent All Things D conference in Asia, NVIDIA's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, discussed a range of topics including the next generation quad-core Tegra processor codenamed "Project Kal-El."

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