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by David Weller, posted Jun 23 2011

by Simon Green, Richard Tonge, Miguel Sainz, Dane Johnston, and David Schoemehl Note: This is a technical article that complements our consumer-oriented article on, "Alice: Madness Returns PhysX Comparison." A PDF version of the article can be found here.

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Tags google io, tegra

by Andrew Edelsten, posted May 13 2011

San Francisco has been a-buzz with everything mobile over the last few days. On Monday, NVIDIA held the inaugural Tegra Developer Day and for Tuesday and Wednesday the ever amazing Google IO conference wowed developers at the Moscone Center.

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Tags Audi, Lamborghini, tegra

by Andrew Edelsten, posted Mar 18 2011

The Tegra processor is quite an amazing piece of silicon. It's smaller than your thumbnail and yet can drive a Lamborghini! Well, not quite but Tegra will be driving all the in-cabin entertainment in next year's just announced Lamborghini LP 700-4 Aventador.

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