NVIDIA® Application Acceleration Engines are highly optimized software modules enabling developers to take maximum and swift advantage of the GPU with valuable, high performance capabilities that are free to acquire, license, integrate and deploy within their applications.

NVIDIA is committed to ensuring engines continue advancing to take maximum advantage of the latest NVIDIA GPU innovations while also maintaining their leading-edge capabilities. Applications employing acceleration engines rapidly exploit GPU advancements as consistent engine APIs evolve to leverage new methods. In doing so, NVIDIA is empowering developers to deliver the latest capabilities to their users in the shortest amount of time.

Acceleration Engines for Professional Applications

The following acceleration engines are designed for the demanding needs of professional applications and often have particular synergy with Quadro graphics solutions.


The world's fastest route for building high performance ray tracing applications now provides a host of important new capabilities including Callable Programs, CUDA Interop, and Bindless Textures. OptiX handles the essential of ray tracing performance and GPU management so developers can concentrate on the custom methods and techniques that differentiate their applications.

SceniX Icon

The fastest start for building a modern, high performance, real-time 3D system. A highly flexible rendering framework makes SceniX an ideal choice whenever there's a need to analyze 3D data, make decisions, and convey results in real-time and at the highest fidelity possible.

CompleX Icon

The solution for keeping massive data interactive as graphics memory is exceeded by managing the distribution of geometry across GPUs and seamlessly compositing the result for fluid interaction. Superior compositing performance when managing multiple GPUs for large displays, independent of data distribution.

CgFX Icon

The cross platform shading language for adding cutting edge effects to real-time applications, with a flexible effects format and hardware profiles to maximize graphics possibilities across the widest range of graphics hardware.

The 64-bit version of the widely adopted, real-time physics solution, with APEX modules for adding artist-friendly features for highly interactive, GPU-accelerated capabilities such as Cloth and Fluids.

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