APEX Turbulence is available in APEX 1.2. and above and can be integrated into any game engines. For UE3 users, we provide a UE3 Turbulence patch to enable this feature for the July 2012 QA. If you are interested in this feature, please email us at apex-beta@nvidia.com.
We will be providing a standalone authoring tool for APEX Turbulence shortly.

APEX Turbulence Tutorial
(Part 1)

This tutorial walks you through the APEX Turbulence authorable parameters and how they can be used to achieve the desired effects. (Tutorial Files)
Prerequisite: UE3 Turbulence Patch

APEX Turbulence Tutorial
(Part 2)

Second part of the APEX Turbulence Tutorial for UE3.
Prerequisite: Turbulence Tutorial (Part 1), UE3 Turbulence Patch