PBS Professional is Altair's EAL3+ security certified commercial-grade HPC workload management solution. Serving as the foundation of all PBS Works solutions, PBS Professional makes it possible to easily create intelligent policies to manage distributed, mixed-vendor computing assets, including applications, as a single, unified system. Based on a policy-driven architecture, PBS Works continually optimizes how your technical HPC resources are used, ensuring that all resources are effective and efficient. The end result: Improved productivity, confidence that you’re meeting service levels, and reduced hardware and software license costs.

Key Features:

  • Efficiently Distributes Workloads for Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Extensive scheduling options, from peer-to-peer and backfill to fair-share scheduling and formula-based and preemptive scheduling for time and resource critical workloads
  • Enterprise-wide Resource Sharingprovides transparent job scheduling on any PBS system by any authorized user.  
  • Submission filtering via hooksprovides administrators the ability to insert hooks (call-outs to python) at various points in the PBS daemons.  The hooks can accept, reject, or modify the upcoming action in order to achieve complex job filtering, extend the capabilities of PBS, or provide patches or workarounds, all without the need to modify source code.
  • Formula based scheduling allows you to define any policy and combine existing policies into one formula.  It allows you to handle “exceptions” by tuning individual priorities on-the-fly.

Performance Advantages:

  • Faster Scheduling:Scheduler speed is up to three times faster, down to less than 30 seconds per cycle for typical HPC workloads (on up to 80,000 cores).
  • Faster Submission:Job submission speed is seven times faster.
  • Faster Cold Start:Cold start is 45 times faster, reduced to less than one minute for 100,000 jobs.


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