Altair PBSWorks - PBS Professional

The flagship product in Altair’s award-winning PBS Works suite, PBS Professional is an EAL3+ security-certified HPC workload management product proven for over 20 years at thousands of global sites. PBS Professional offers powerful, policy-based and topology aware scheduling, million-core scalability, and other capabilities for easily managing any HPC system – from small departmental clusters to the largest, most complex systems on the planet.

PBS Professional makes it possible to easily create intelligent policies to manage distributed, mixed-vendor computing assets, including applications, as a single, unified system. Based on a flexible, policy-driven architecture, PBS Professional continually optimizes how your technical HPC resources are used, ensuring you receive the greatest possible ROI on hardware and software resources. The end result: improved productivity, confidence that you’re meeting service levels, and reduced hardware and software license costs.

Key Features:

  • Efficiently Distributes Workloads for maximum utilization and ROI
  • Extensive scheduling options, from peer-to-peer and backfill to fair-share scheduling and formula-based, preemptive scheduling for time and resource critical workloads
  • Enterprise-wide Resource Sharingprovides transparent job scheduling on any PBS system by any authorized user
  • • User customizable plugin “hooks” framework to support almost limitless extensibility – hook events include submission, alter, run, pre-execution, job launch, post-execution and periodic node
  • Formula based scheduling allows you to define any policy and combine existing policies into one formula. It allows you to handle “exceptions” by tuning individual priorities on-the-fly

Why PBS Professional?

  • Scalability to millions of cores
  • Market-leading security
  • Flexible plugin framework to meet complex customization requirements
  • Intelligent job scheduling -- policy-based, topology-aware -- for maximized system utilization
  • Access to product source code
  • Standard-setting customer services and support, with experts in 22 countries


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