NVIDIA is synonymous with graphics. At GDC 2017 we have a wide range of talks on advanced rendering techniques that can be used to improve the performance and look of your game.

Advanced Graphics Tech Day

At the Advanced Graphics Tech Day on Monday, NVIDIA and others will take you through the right way to use Vulkan and DX12. Other topics include asynchronous compute and conservative rasterization. We’ll also be showing how to use D3D Compute for particles, working through examples including cloth and fluids.

Graphics APIs

Vulkan or Direct12? Pick your poison. We have great talks on both with information on performance strategies and tools for profiling and debugging.

Real-Time Rendering Advances from NVIDIA Research

One of our most popular talks last year returns. Researchers from NVIDIA will provide recent insights on quality and performance improvements for real-time rendering, specifically covering aspects of alpha testing, light probes, and subdivision surfaces.


NVIDIA has 16 sponsored sessions at GDC this year. For full details head over to our GDC page. We’ll also have a booth packed with the latest and greatest in game development technology. We’ll see you at the show!

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