NVIDIA ACE Agent (Previously Bot Maker) - Early Access

NVIDIA ACE Agent is an SDK for building conversational AI applications such as chatbots, multi-modal virtual assistants, and interactive avatars.

ACE Agent delivers a world class dialog experience, supports composable dialog management and provides connectivity between NVIDIA Riva speech AI skills, natural language processing (NLP) services, domain fulfillment, and user interfaces through efficient system integration.

Use ACE Agent to build intelligent virtual assistants, combining voice, text, and touchscreen interfaces for creating intuitive customer experiences. Easily customize your bot using zero-shot approaches or fine-tune NLP models with your domain-specific datasets.

To participate in the ACE Agent Early Access, provide details about your use case by completing the short application form. You must be a member of the NVIDIA Developer Program and log in using your organization’s email address. Early access applications from personal email accounts will not be approved.

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Key Features

represents cold start natural language understanding

Cold Start NLU

Add intents and entities via zero-shot semantic similarity

represents FAQ & information retrieval Q&A support

FAQ and IRQA Support

Production dialogue systems scaling

represents multi-turn context handling

Multi-Turn Context Handling

State tracking across generative LLM and IRQA content

represents multi-modal inputs

Multi-Modal Inputs

Text, speech, touch, and UI rendered content

represents structured database integration

Structured DB Integration

Composite slot resolution and entity linking

represents scalable microservices

Scalable Microservices

For both x86 and embedded platforms

represents low latency

Low Latency

50ms IR inference