Submissions for the special Accelerated Data Science Call for Proposals via the GPU Grant Program are now closed. We are currently reviewing all submissions. Due to the number of submissions, the review process will take several weeks. Applicants will be notified as soon as the review process is complete. During this time, we will not be accepting any late submissions to the call nor will we be accepting any general GPU Grant submissions. Any updates to the program will be posted here.

Accelerated Data Science - Call for Proposals

Submission Deadline: August 16th, 2019 at 8PM ET - SUBMISSIONS CLOSED, no exceptions for an extension.

GPU Seed Units: Titan V (refurbished)

Data across all disciplines is ever increasing and as such the field of data science is becoming more relevant to every discipline and every industry. Research in the field of data science spans the entire spectrum, from theoretical foundations to innovative models, algorithms, and applications in business, medicine, engineering, and science.

GPUs have been used to train predictive models from vast quantities of data. GPUs are now being used to accelerate the full data science pipeline, and accordingly we are seeing more wide-spread adoption of GPUs for Data Science. In order to support this shift, we are interested in research which addresses the following challenges: 

  • Novel approaches to GPU accelerating one or more components of the data science and analytics pipeline: data loading and preprocessing, data analysis using machine learning, and visualization of data or analysis results.
  • Solutions to data science problems using GPUs previously solved using CPUs.
  • Performance improvements to existing GPU accelerated data science problems. 

Research submissions should address the challenges described above in one or more of the following areas:

  • Data Science: methods for analyzing different types of data, in applications ranging from scientific to business data, including but not limited to biology, chemistry, genomics, bioinformatics, manufacturing, environment, geospatial, social, and financial.
  • Large-Scale Data Science: methods for scaling up data science problems beyond a single GPU.
  • Applied Data Science: data science methods for real-world problems. This includes research using real-world data, algorithms deployed in a product or planned for a real-world application.


  • Applicants must be full-time faculty or researchers at an accredited academic institution.
  • Applicants must be the Principal Investigator on any award resulting from the proposal.
  • Applicants may submit only one proposal which would be considered for one GPU grant.  Proposals in the “Large-Scale Data Science” category which can request up to 4 GPUs, are still considered one proposal.


  • Proposals should be 1-2 pages, no more than 1250 words, and include the area of research along with the challenges being addressed, referencing the above.
  • Proposals should explain relevant prior work along with expected research outcomes and timeline.
  • Applicants should justify the number of GPUs (maximum 4) requested if their research falls in the “Large-Scale Data Science” category. 
  • Applicants should submit their CV along with their proposal.

Application Process

Please submit the Accelerated Data Science Application by August 16, 2019 at 8PM ET to be considered.  The submission window is now closed. There will be no exceptions made for an extension. Titan V GPUs are PC/Workstation class hardware. Please be aware that you will need to have an appropriately equipped system available in your lab to plug the GPU into.  Titan V GPUs should not be installed in rack-mounted servers or data centers. Full system specs are listed in the FAQs.

Project Deliverables

While awarded grants are unrestricted gifts, we ask awardees to submit a follow up report on the research outcome which was made possible using our grant. This request will include listing publications, talks, posters, etc. accepted or in review directly as a result of the donation.


Accelerated Data Science GPU Grant Call for Proposals - FAQs

What is the deadline to apply? The deadline is August 16, 2019 at 8PM ET.

How often will submissions be reviewed? Submissions will be reviewed after the August 16, 2019 deadline.  The review process should take about 3 weeks. As soon as final decisions are made, applicants will be notified.

Are there submission limits? Yes, applicants may submit ONE request to be considered for one GPU Grant.   Proposals in the “Large-Scale Data Science” category which can request up to 4 GPUs, are still considered one proposal.

What GPUs are being offered? We will be awarding refurbished Titan V GPUs for this call for proposals.

Can students apply? No. All submissions must come from a full-time faculty or researcher at an accredited academic institution. Students, including PhD candidates, should not submit an application for themselves or on behalf of their professors. Student submissions will be automatically declined.

Will all submissions get approved?  Unfortunately, no.  We have a limited supply of seeding inventory. Based on the volume of high-quality submissions we've received through the main GPU Grant Program, awards will be highly competitive. We have a highly skilled review committee who will review each submission.  

What system requirements are needed to install the donated GPU?  Recipients will need to have a PC/Workstation with the below system requirements to install the donated GPU.  Note: Titan V GPUs should not be installed in rack-mounted servers or data centers.  

Single Titan V systems require: 

  • 650 W PSU with one 8-pin and one 6-pin power connector
  • Minimum 12 GB System memory, 24+ is preferred, 
  • Big CPU (i7 or better, ideally i9)
  • Single x16 PCIe slot 

Dual Titan V systems require:

  • 1000 W PSU with two 8-pin and two 6-pin power connectors
  • Minimum 24 GB System memory, 48 GB is preferred
  • Big CPU (i7 or better, ideally i9)
  • 2  x16 PCIe slots

** A 4X Titan V system needs 4 X 16 PCIe slots, double the system memory and 1.5 kW PSU. If you are requesting 4 Titan Vs, you will need to justify the reason and clearly explain that you are familiar with these specifications and will install in an appropriate system.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

**NVIDIA can modify, put a hold on or cancel programs at any time.