GPU Grant Program

NVIDIA’s Academic Programs Team is dedicated to empowering and collaborating with professors and researchers at universities worldwide. We aim to inspire cutting-edge technological innovation and to find new ways of enhancing faculty research as well as the teaching and learning experience. We achieve this through a variety of initiatives and programs including:  

  • Small scale GPU grants
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Providing free teaching materials and GPU cloud resources through our Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Teaching Kits
  • Providing access to developer forums, pre-released tools and drivers through the Accelerated Computing Developer Program

  • The GPU Grant Form is offline for maintenance and upgrades.  Please check back early November. We cannot accept submissions via email.

    GPU Grant Requests 
    Professors, Researchers and Advisors should complete the online form to request a GPU for research purposes for themselves and/or their teams.  In order to review your request, we require a statement of research and CV.  Additional materials should not be used to attach a full proposal in lieu of a statement of research. Your statement of research must include the following:

    • contact information 
    • a short description of your research project(s)
    • how you and/or your team will use the GPU
    • list of recent publications

    GPU Grant Requests are reviewed every two weeks and notification are sent as soon as the review is final - this process could take up to three weeks from the time of submission. There is a limit of (1) GPU grant per person, per year and per project.  Please provide an accurate and complete FedEx/DHL acceptable shipping address and phone number in the form. The address provided will be EXACTLY where the GPU grants are shipped. No special characters, only enter address details for the fields presented {ie. don't add country to the street address, don't add university to the street address), only enter details for one street address per line {ie. don't put the entire street address, City, State, Zip on one street address line} and no + in front of the phone #. If this information is incomplete in any way, the submission will be declined or delayed - double check for accuracy!

    We currently offer Jetson TX2 Developer Kit, GeForce Titan Xp, and Quadro P5000. We do not have a Tesla option - Tesla should not be selected in the drop down.

    Students,including PhD student/candidates, should not submit GPU Grant Requests for themselves or on behalf of their professors.  All submissions must come from a Professor, Researcher or Advisor.  If you have multiple students interested in using GPUs for their research, one submission should be made for your group keeping in mind the overall goals for the next year. Sharing resources is encouraged. All information should match the professor, researcher and/or advisor information and the log in email should be the same as the email listed in the form. Any misinformation or applications submitted by students for their professors will result in automatic decline.

    NVIDIA Academic GPU grants are small "seeding" gifts intended to enable researchers to begin a new project and/or gain the preliminary results to support a larger proposal to other funding agencies. Our goal is "breadth-first" seeding and grants are for (1) GPU.  Since NVIDIA does not make complete computer systems, we do not donate them. We also do not grant large quantities of equipment or server rack mountable GPUs. We only donate workstation GPUs with onboard cooling. If you request more than one GPU for your research or your team, be sure to clearly explain why multiple GPUs are needed in your proposal.  

    Keep in mind draft submissions are deleted periodically.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

    The GPU Grant Form is offline for maintenance and upgrades.  Please check back early November.

    **NVIDIA can modify, put a hold on or cancel programs at any time.