Manuel Ujaldon is an Associate Professor at the Computer Architecture Department, University of Malaga (Spain) and previously Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Newcastle (Australia).

We worked in the 90's on parallelizing compilers, finishing his PhD Thesis in 1996 by developing a data-parallel compiler for sparse matrix and irregular applications. Over this period, we were part of the HPF and MPI Forums, working as post-doc in the Computer Science Department of the University of Maryland, College Park. 

Last decade he started working on the GPGPU movement early in 2003 using Cg, and wrote the first book in Spanish about programming GPUs for general purpose computing, where he described how to map irregular applications and linear algebra algorithms on GPUs. He adopted CUDA when it was first released, then focusing on image processing and biomedical applications. Over the past five years, he was authored more than 40 papers in journals and international conferences in these two areas. 

Dr. Ujaldon has been awarded as NVIDIA Academic Partnership 2008-2011, NVIDIA Teaching Center 2011-2013, NVIDIA Research Center 2012, and finally CUDA Fellow 2012. He has taught more than 30 courses on CUDA programming worldwide, including academic programs in European, North American and Australian Universities. 

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GPGPU Computing on Image Processing (features extraction, segmentation, classifiers), and Biomedical Applications (large-scale image analysis, biomarkers, bio-inspired algorithms and genomic wide association studies).

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