Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua is associate professor and vice-director of the Computer Science Institute of Universidade Federal Fluminense, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has master and PhD degree in Computer Science at PUC-Rio. Esteban is one of the founders of SBGames - Brazilian Symposium of Digital Entertainment and Video Games (the largest conference in the subject in Latin America), is the president of the Brazilian Computing Society Game Committee and member of program committees of most of the major conferences related to Video Games. In 2007 received the prize of the personality that most contributed for the growth of the video game industry in Brazil and in 2009 and 2013 received the prize of Young Scientist of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Esteban is the director of UFF Medialab and coordinator of the first Latin America NVIDIA Center of Excellence, at UFF. In the last 5 years Esteban Clua was nominated visitor professor of more than 10 universities around the world.

Esteban Clua started to work with GPUs long time ago, when they were very simple raster devices, since his main research field was related to Real Time Rendering systems for Videogames. Since CUDA was launched, he is one of the Brazilians researchers who most published in the GPU Computing field, with more than 100 full papers in journals and conferences. In the beginning his work was more focused on Real Time Rendering Techniques, but in the last years he has also focused his research at complex data-structures for GPUs, GPU Clusters and Grid architectures.

Today Esteban is leading the Brazilian GPU Grid Consortium, which consists on a large infra-structure being developed in order to give access to GPU for all major universities, research centers and technical schools in the country.

Research Interests: 

GPU Computing, Real Time Ray-tracing in GPUs, Game Engine Architectures, GPU Clusters and Grids.

Related program: 
Accelerated Computing