About the GPU Research Center at the Pennsylvania State University
The Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure (RCC) Unit at Penn State has a strong commitment to GPU enabled research, providing HPC leadership, teaching and support to the community. The main GPU cluster endowed with sixty-four M2070 and M2090 devices delivered almost twenty GPU-years in 2012, to a variety of different departments and users at Penn State. Seminars, including several devoted to CUDA that were created and delivered by RCC staff, reached over 500 individuals in the last two years. The RCC unit assists users in CUDA application development directly, and in leveraging existing GPU accelerated applications, as well as in taking advantage of  GPU entry points that lie between these two extremes e.g., OpenACC compiler directives. It is anticipated that several new CUDA applications will be published and released by RCC staff over the coming year, a byproduct of ongoing research projects in electromagnetics and condensed matter physics at Penn State, to name two. As a recently established GPU Research Center, RCC staff will have the advantage of expert oversight and guidance from NVIDIA. This will expedite the release of code developed within RCC, augment the current experience and knowledge base of the unit, and as a result greatly expand the GPU-enabled research footprint at Penn State and abroad.

About the PIs
Pierre-Yves Taunay received an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from PSU in 2012, and shortly thereafter joined RCC as a programmer/analyst. He specializes in GPU programming and various engineering software applications.

William Brouwer received a PhD in physics from the College of William and Mary in 2005; since this time he has worked in several cyberinfrastructure contexts. His current role is computational scientist within RCC, with a focus on GPU programming and material science.

Jason Holmes is the principal systems administrator for RCC, managing HPC resources including clusters, storage, networking, software infrastructure and a team of administrators.