About the GPU Reseach Center at BCAM
The use of the new cost-effective GPU technology for computing through the CUDA language represented a radical change in the field of HPC, making large-scale computational power more accessible to researchers. Today GPUs represent a significant part of the computational power of several of the top supercomputers in the world.
BCAM is a world-class research center in Applied Mathematics with a focus on interdisciplinary research in the frontiers of mathematics, attracting and training of talented scientists, development of new numerical and simulation methods, interaction with industry, medical and social institutions, and promotion of scientific and technological advances worldwide.
Our research groups have incorporated several NVIDIA GPUs and participate in training to program NVIDIA co-processors using CUDA. We use NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA in several multi-disciplinary fields, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Molecular Dynamics, Image Processing, are just a few examples of these applications areas.
About the PI
Johan Jansson isleading the research line Computational Technology at BCAM, which has the aim of developing automated and adaptive methods and the open source FEniCS-HPC software framework (fenicsproject.org) for solving partial differential equations based on FEM with good scaling on massively parallel computers.
Pedro Valero-Lara is researcher at Computational Technology Unit, BCAM. Although his experience includes several fields, such as Image Processing or Data Retrieval, his main research line is High Performance Computing applied to Computational Fluid Dynamics. He is the main developer of the LBM-HPC software framework for fluid simulations based on Lattice-Boltzmann Method.