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Getting Started on Jetson

Unboxing the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit

Get an inside view of the new NVIDIA Jetson TX1 DevKit. It is the newest member of the Jetson platform., with even more performance and power efficiency than its predecessor, the Jetson TK1. How will you use the Jetson TX1? It's time to Create Amazing.

Important Docs

Get the info you need to get started setting up and developing on your Jetson.

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Instructional Videos


We think the best way to learn is by doing. And to help you get started, we have assembled a series of tutorials and webinars that cover everything from Deep Learning on Jetson to Getting Started with OpenCV. Find more tutorials here.

Embedded Deep Learning with NVIDIA Jetson

Watch this free webinar to get started developing applications with advanced AI and computer vision using NVIDIA's deep learning tools, including TensorRT and DIGITS.

Double Your Deep Learning Performance with JetPack 2.3

Learn how to double your deep learning performance with JetPack 2.3. Key features include TensorRT, cuDNN 5.1, CUDA 8 and multimedia API. Download it today. We can’t wait to see what you build with Jetson!

Get Started with the JetPack Camera API

Learn about the new JetPack Camera API and start developing camera applications using the CSI and ISP imaging components available on Jetson TX1.

Episode 0: Introduction to OpenCV

Learn to write your first ‘Hello World’ program on Jetson with OpenCV. You’ll learn a simple compilation pipeline with Midnight Commander, cmake, and OpenCV4Tegra’s mat library, as you build for the first time.



More Resources



Explore code samples, tutorials and more on our Getting Started with Deep Learning GitHub Repo.


Jetson Wiki:

The official Jetson TX1 Wiki. Learn more.


Jetson TX1 Edu Discount:

Get the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit for just $299. Apply now.

Jetson Forum:

Have questions or issues about your Jetson TX1 Developer Kit? Visit our Jetson TX1 Developer Forum

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